Palletizers can handle a wide variety of parts, from standard shipping cartons to automotive components. Size-wise, they can manage anything from small parts in tote boxes to heavy forging blanks for camshafts.

Palletizers Increase Efficiency

Our palletizers are capable of stacking boxes or pallets and can also quickly and safely palletize machined components for shipping to the next stage of your manufacturing or distribution process, greatly increasing the efficiency of your operation. Palletizers can be made so that all you have to do is supply them with pallets or dunnage and they will do the rest. Besides palletizing, they can also insert slip-sheets or trays. Machines such as pallet feeders and stretch-wrappers may also be added to more extensively automate your system.

Depalletizers: Stackers in Reverse

Palletizers can also be used in reverse as depalletizers, to unload parts from pallets to be fed into your manufacturing line or distribution center, which frees up your labor for other tasks and boosts productivity.

Palletizers and depalletizers can be an extremely important part of your manufacturing and packaging operations. They may also be used to depalletize pallets/dunnage by feeding parts or boxes into your manufacturing line or distribution center. Combined with vision technology, variable part positions/orientations may also be accommodated, allowing for even more flexibility in the system.

Ro-ber GmbH from Germany is one of our principal partners for palletizing solutions. They specialize in gantry-based palletizers for the packaging industry.

Whether your situation calls for a palletizer or depalletizer, Creative Automation can supply you with a solution suited to your requirements.