Systems for Burr Removal

After machining, many parts have burrs on them which can interfere with the fit and operation of the parts. Creative Automation therefore offers a number of solutions for deburring parts. We can provide solutions, ranging from deburring multiple sides of a part in a single operation to debarring deep oil holes in crankshafts.

In addition to our own capabilities, to enhance our expertise we partner with two German companies, WMS-engineering GmbH and Mannesmann-Demag, to provide deburring solutions for our customers.

WMS-engineering GmbH is a manufacturer and integrator of robotic deburring cells. These cells use standard industrial robots combined with advanced deburring tools to remove burrs from a wide variety of parts, efficiently saving many hours of labor.

Shaft part deburring

Shaft part deburring

Air Spindles for Holding Deburring Tools

Mannesmann-Demag is a manufacturer of the air spindles used to hold deburring tools, allowing for more custom applications than WMS normally handles. These spindles can be mounted in fixtures on robots, linear positioning systems and so on, allowing for a wide variety of configurations for whatever best suits your application. You can be sure that state-of-the-art technology, maximum reliability and top-rate quality will be key components in your automation system, due to:

  1. High precision: Our spindles have extremely high true running values of 0.02 mm or less.
  2. Durability: Spindles and housings are made of extra-robust stainless steel combined with either floating bearings for turbine spindles or paired bearings for all other types, giving the spindles a long service life.
  3. Process: The spindle will give you a high quality finish when deburring, cutting, milling or drilling.