Case Study: Dispensing

Automatic Dispensing System Provides Cost Savings and Improved Throughput

The Challenge

Our customer — a manufacturer of air filtration systems for computing applications — developed a new product that required four separate gaskets to be applied at the same time. This created a labor-intensive, manual process wherein chemicals were mixed, poured, and applied over the course of six individual stations. There were at least six people involved in this process at any given time, and the time and materials costs weren’t efficient for the business.

Our Approach

Creative Automation worked with our customer to develop an automatic dispensing solution. Over the course of six months, we worked with their in-house designer and contractor to create the most effective processes and equipment. Assembly and testing was completed at Creative Automation; once complete, the system was shipped to their facility, reassembled, and retested. Our team provided on-site training to ensure safe, efficient operation.


With the automatic dispensing system, our customer was able to apply all four gaskets at once. In addition to substantially increasing the quality of the part, the customer also saved time — they were able to man the stations with two employees instead of six while simultaneously increasing throughput. Finally, the customer produced less scrap, amounting to significant cost savings over time.

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