Controlling part flow is a challenge in any factory environment. Often, part handling in manufacturing cells requires special conveyors, and Creative Automation can custom design a conveyor for individual work cells or for an entire manufacturing line. In order to maximize your productivity, we use a variety of off-the-shelf components and conveyors to provide reliability and maintainability, then combine them with the custom parts required for your application. Altratec Montagesysteme GmbH ( is our primary supplier of conveyor systems. They use their own aluminum profile system as the modular basis for a variety of highly configurable conveyor designs. Conveyor options include:

  • Dual Roller Chain
  • Over / Under
  • Silent Chain
  • Plate Chain
  • Power Zoned Roller (PZR)
  • Power Roller

Dual Roller Chain

pt_1 dual_roller_chain_pallet

Altratec’s basic design, this conveyor is highly configurable with a variety of available accessories:

Pallet Transfer

Pallets are effective in many handling solutions, such as machine tool loading or assembly operations. The pallet can be made with the appropriate fixtures to hold parts in alignment or to otherwise facilitate your manufacturing process.

Part Transfer

The dual roller chain conveyors do not need to be used with pallets. In some cases it makes more sense to place the part directly on the chain. This is particularly useful in some harsher environments where a pallet would just get in the way and collect dirt. Dual-roller chain conveyors can also be used as your basic gravity conveyor.

pt_3 pt_2

Over / Under

accum_2 accum_4


An accumulating over/under conveyor is often an ideal solution for transferring parts from one cell to another. It has flexibility in load and unload times, allowing for variances in machine operation while a pallet is always available to be loaded or unloaded. Based on the Altratec profile system, a variety of configurations are possible.


The over/under design can also be easily modified into a traditional indexing design. Indexing is also available for large sheet metal sections. Part transfer can occur on top of the conveyor, on the side of the conveyor, or while hanging beneath. Vertical options are also available.

Silent Chain

Suitable for direct part handling, this Altratec conveyor is also highly configurable for single or dual chain part transfer or pallet transfer.

Plate Chain

Ideal for transferring and buffering parts in tight areas that require small radii, the system can easily be configured for a wide variety of operations like machine tending and assembly operations.

Plate Chain Pallet Conveyor 1

Power Zoned Roller (PZR)

An ideal conveyor for heavy loads and zoned controls, this conveyor can handle parts up to 2000 pounds at a speed of 20–30 feet per minute. It is used in the automotive industry to convey parts between machining operations.

Power Roller

Power rollers are a tried and proven technology that often provide an inexpensive solution for numerous handling needs. Power roller conveyors are durable, easily controlled and come in a wide variety of sizes and capacities.