Additional Components

In order to improve the overall effectiveness of the line, it is often worth considering the addition of more functions to an automation system other than the materials-handling function.


Vision systems are an effective way to perform a variety of tasks, from part identification to gauging to robot guidance. Creative Automation is experienced in using vision for multiple applications.


Gauging parts is often a necessary requirement; in some cases the gauging system can be incorporated into the automation to improve throughput.


Using the Altratec profile system we can provide the full guarding for your manufacturing cells.


These days parts need to be tracked, and that usually requires that they be marked. Such systems can often be integrated within automation cells for smooth, efficient operation.


Radio Frequency Identification of parts is a new but highly effective method of tracking parts, especially as they go through numerous operations. It allows for effective linking of the part with all the manufacturing data related to it.


Besides the ones mentioned above, other systems or components can often be integrated into an automated system, so if you have specific requirements, please let us know.