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BOXY AutoLoader Type 1 Raptor

For small part production

Boxy AutoLoader Type 1 Raptor

Type 1 Raptor is an excellent stand-alone machine application solution for small parts with short cycle times and is compact and efficient for machine tending. The Boxy 1 integrated PC and touch screen allows the operator to start the machine and leave to perform other tasks. This plug and play machine is applicable for any kind of CNC controller with quick connections to ERP Systems.

  • Best Solution for Stand Alone Machine Applications
  • High Speed Loading & Unloading
  • 4 kg Part Loading & Unloading Capacity
  • Suitable for Turning, Milling and Grinding Applications
  • Recommended for Small Size Parts (80mm X 80mm X 80mm)
  • Free Entrance to Machining Area & Operator Panel
  • 1 Day Integration


Unique Software to Manage Boxy Autoloader Series

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Matrix Type Dialog Programming
  • Easy Part Changeover
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Easy Connection for ERP Systems
  • Remote Access against Troubleshooting