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BOXY Compact FMS

Advanced Automation For
High Mix – Low Volume

Compact Flexible Manufacturing System

The Compact FMS offers a new approach to regular FMS. This system uses a flexible and faster robot to load more parts onto Micro FMS Shelving Systems than the traditional pallet system, which increases efficiency, scheduling, and on-time delivery. Ideal for high mix - low volume machining operations. The Compact FMS can service multiple machines.

  • Manage automation through adapter plate rather than heavy, expensive machine pallet
  • SoftBoxy Compact FMS Software
  • More flexible and faster than heavy, slower FMS vehicle
  • Smaller footprint compared to regular FMS
  • Continue to use machines during setup time
  • Low volume and high mix production
  • Unmanned operations
  • Realtime scheduling and on-time delivery
  • Manage production through high level software
  • Friendly user interface for operators
  • Dynamic scheduling and priority production
  • Machine selection according to part requirements
  • Tool and offset management through software
  • Connect to ERP system for logistics and efficiency management