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BOXY AutoLoader

Advanced Productivity Solutions

Boxy Overview

Creative Automation is partnering with CNC Advanced Technology to provide you with best-inclass compact automation solutions for high-speed part loading and unloading. Boxy Autoloaders are easily integrated into your existing manufacturing process and can run 24 hours per day.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce labor
  • Produce most reliable quality parts consistently
  • Achieve these goals with a small footprint
  • Boxy Autoloaders are ideal for small shops and factories.

With exceptionally quick set-up capabilities, these autoloaders are especially useful for shops with high mix-low volume production.

Four types to Choose From

  • Type 1 - Stand Alone Machine Application Solution (2 sizes: Raptor and T-Rex)
  • Type 2 - Excellent Solution for Multiple Machines
  • Type 3 - Excellent Solution for Heavy Duty Parts
  • Type 4 – Flexible Manufacturing System
Let our experts help you determine what’s best for your situation.
Boxy 1
Boxy 1
Boxy 2 Boxy 3
Stand Alone Machine
Modular System-1 Machine to Multiple Machines
High Speed Loading/Unloading
7kg-6th Axis Industrial Robot
25kg-6th Axis Industrial Robot
35kg-6th Axis Industrial Robot
7th Axis Movement
8th Axis Movement
Small Footprint
Short Time Integration
Easy Part Changeover
Drawer Type Stocker
Boxy Part Stocker
Single Action Gripper
Advanced Management Software to Manage Entire System
Medium Duty Applications
Heavy Duty Applications
Low Labor Cost
High and Constant Efficiency
Reliable Quality Parts

CAI Boxy Autoloader